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Ferrero China Milestones

The story of Ferrero Group started in 1946 when the company was established by Pietro Ferrero in Alba, Piedmont Region of Italy. Owned and operated by the Ferrero family, Ferrero Group is now the world’s leading chocolate and confectionery manufacturer. Ferrero Group embraces more than 50 world-renowned brands and products and earns trust and affection among billions of consumers across the globe.

In 1994
Ferrero appointed its Chinese official distributor to expand the market in Mainland China, bringing one of its most renowned brands - Ferrero Rocher;

In 2007
Ferrero China was officially established and introduced a comprehensive array of brands and product portfolios, and gradually completed its distribution network in China;

In 2009
Ferrero introduced Kinder+Sport project into China to promote active lifestyle by encouraging dynamic play and sports among Chinese children and their families. Through cooperating with provincial or municipal sport associations and international sport events, Kinder+Sport has held football carnival, tennis training camp and family marathon events in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and invited sport celebrities as coaches, directly moving over thousands of children and contacting millions of kids till now.

In 2010
Ferrero presented the first CSR report, and kept sharing the updated version annually in the Globe and China. 6 issues have been published by now.

In 2011
Ferrero China launched the consumer hotline, to further fulfill its commitment to consumers. Ferrero China also launched its official online platform, including Ferrero China’s official website 、FerreoRocher brand website 、Ferrero official online shopping platform

In 2015
Ferrero Group’s 1st China manufacturing plant - Ferrero Food Hangzhou was unveiled and put into operation in Hangzhou Dajiangdong Industrial Cluster. As the 22nd manufacturing plant established by Ferrero group, Ferrero Food Hangzhou will play a pivotal role in providing innovative confectionery products with ever-improving freshness to the local Chinese market, as well as serving the greater Asia market.

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